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How to Design Stunning Photography Compositions

by | May 7, 2023 | Photography

As you practice and implement any of the composition tips provided below, you will become adept at leading your viewers towards the emotions you intend to elicit. This will enable you to align your initial vision with the end result that you have captured.

1. Apply the Rule of Thirds

The #1 timeless classic composition technique is the Rule of Thirds, making it an excellent place to begin. It involves dividing your image into nine equally sized boxes by using two horizontal and two vertical lines that intersect. These lines create four points of intersection that draw the viewer’s gaze naturally. The Rule of Thirds recommends placing your subject or the most critical elements of your scene along one of these lines or points to enhance the image’s overall impact.

2. Center Your Subject

The Rule of Thirds is undoubtedly a potent composition technique, but in certain situations, positioning your subject at the center of your photograph may be the ideal approach. There are three scenarios where centering your subject is particularly advantageous:

  • When capturing a close-up where the subject occupies a significant portion or the entirety of the frame.
  • When the background is absent of any elements that may divert attention away from the subject.
  • When the aim is to present symmetry of some kind.

3. Look for Triangles

Triangles possess a visually striking quality, and it is not necessary to capture literal triangles in your photographs to achieve this effect. Rather, all you need are three visual points arranged in a triangular configuration. The viewer’s imagination will connect these dots, unifying all components of the image. Moreover, the imagined triangle may extend beyond the photograph’s borders, so don’t be concerned if it is not entirely enclosed within the frame.

4. Consider Framing

When you intend to focus the viewer’s attention on a particular area of your photograph, using frames is an effective approach. One classic way to create interest, balance, and depth in your images is by capturing an object through a hole or opening in another element. Frames can be either natural, like overhanging tree branches or rock formations, or man-made, such as doorways.

5. Look For Symmetry

To attain symmetry in your photograph, you need to establish a balance in the image. The simplest way to achieve symmetry is by dividing the scene either vertically or horizontally into two equal halves, which possess a similar structure. This can be observed in the image of the Taj Mahal. Unlike other composition techniques that depend on contrast, symmetry aims to minimize it. To excel in creating symmetrical compositions, you must pay attention to factors such as color, size, shape, line, and texture that contribute to achieving balance.

6. Use Juxtaposition

Juxtaposition is, in many ways, the antithesis of symmetry. Rather than striving for balance, the goal is to introduce contrast to the image using non-symmetrical elements. The most common approach to achieve this effect is to position or arrange objects in adjacent or opposing locations to emphasize their disparities. However, the arrangement of subjects is not crucial to the outcome, as long as the juxtaposition is evident and the contrast is pronounced. The crucial factor is to be creative and effective in your approach.

7. Look For Leading Lines

Leading lines, whether actual or suggested, serve as a visual guide to direct the viewer’s attention. These lines can take a variety of forms, and can lead the viewer towards the subject or into the distance. They can be straight, curved, or angular, and a photograph can have a single leading line or several lines converging towards the subject from various angles. When employing this composition technique, it is crucial to keep in mind where you want your viewer’s gaze to rest, and to continue adjusting the frame until the lines direct the viewer’s gaze to the intended location. Additionally, it is important to remember that lines can manifest in many diverse forms.

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