Some simple and helpful ideas on how to make the best impression during your job interview

First impressions are Important when it develops to interviewing for a job. When preparing for a job interview, it is crucial to consider the first impression you will make on the interviewer. Your prospective employer will get a lasting impression of you from what he/she sees when you initially step into the office on your interview day. Will you appear to be an incompetent slob, or will your appearance give the interviewer the impression that you are precisely the person for which the company has been searching?

Basic Hygiene

First things first: remember basic hygiene. If you appear for an interview with broccoli hanging out of your teeth, dirty ears, and reeking of body odor, your chances of landing the job are shot – regardless of how many years of practice or how much preparation you have. Be sure to run through your basic hygiene routine before you walk out of your home to head for your job interview.

What Should I Wear to My Job Interview?

One of the most important things you will want to take care of is selecting appropriate attire for the interview. If you are interviewing for work in an office setting, you will want to dress in professional business attire. For men, this may involve a suit, tie, and coordinating socks and shoes. Depending on the work setting, men may opt for a white or pastel button-down shirt with a conservative tie and dress slacks rather than a complete suit.

A two-piece suit (jacket with slacks or skirt) is appropriate for most jobs in office settings for women. A modest, coordinating blouse should be worn beneath the coat. Solid colors are most acceptable in an interview situation. Hosiery should be skin-toned in color, and shoes should be conservative and functional.

For men and women who wear jewelry, there are specific unspoken guidelines that you may want to follow to secure the best chances of getting the job. Men should remove earrings before interviews. Women may prefer to dress in one pair of small earrings. Men will fare well if they decide to leave their necklaces at home, while women may opt to wear a short-chain. As far as rings are concerned, men may choose to wear a wedding ring, but this is all that is recommended. Women may wear one ring on each hand. All other jewelry should be removed for interview purposes. When it comes to jewelry and job interviews, less is usually better.

What Should I Wear to My Retail Job Interview?

Up to this case, we have only treated dressing for an interview for an office position. But what if you are interested in a job in the retail industry? For these interviews, it is generally best to wear a button-up shirt in a solid color, slacks, and coordinating socks and shoes. It is best to wear little jewelry, minimal makeup (for women), and only light cologne or perfume.

What Should I Wear for an Interview at a Fast Food Restaurant?

Many fast-food restaurants require their employees to wear a button-up uniform shirt, black slacks, and black socks and shoes. If you are interviewing for work at a fast-food restaurant, I strongly recommend wearing a button-up shirt in a solid color, black slacks, and black socks and shoes. If you appear to be ready to play the part during your interview, your chances of being hired may increase.

When Interviewing for Factory Work

Most factory work requires manual labor. When interviewing for a factory floor position, it may be appropriate to wear a nice T-shirt, jeans, and work boots. It will indicate to the employer that you understand that your job will involve hard work. If you were to wear a suit to this type of interview, you would likely be dismissed because the employer might get the impression that you are not aware of the kind of labor required of you as a factory employee.

What Can I Do to Guarantee I Will Get the Job?

Each job interview is separate. The employer is looking for the person that he/she believes will be the best employee. If you have followed guidelines for hygiene and proper attire, have put your best foot forward in your interview, and presented a healthy resume, then there is not much more you can do. If you do not get accepted for a position, continue to put in applications elsewhere. With hard work and dedication, you will find a job that is right for you. Just remember that patience and persistence will pay off in the long run.



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