Learning best by hearing, these study tips can help auditory learners study productively.

There are three types of learning styles, and the recognition of the learning style a student belongs to will significantly aid in the educational process. Recognizing if a student is a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner can also better set up study techniques. This article will define auditory learning and explore suggestions as to the best method of auditory studying.

Auditory Learning

Auditory learners learn best while listening to the material presented. Complete confusion made by reading a chapter in a textbook can be instantly turned into great understanding when a class lecture is given. Auditory learners are exceptional when it comes to remembering phone numbers, as they can recall how the numbers sounded when they were spoken.

Auditory learners are also great storytellers and solve problems primarily by talking through the process. This group is good at writing responses to what they have heard and taking oral exams, relaying information they have listened to through oral lectures.

Study Tips for Auditory Learners

When studying, it is best for auditory learners to incorporate sound into their study routine. It can be done in diverse processes, including the resulting.

  1. Use a recording device. Recording devices, such as tape recorders, can be used to record lectures given in a classroom and record a student’s notes.
  2. Repeat facts and figures. Reciting facts to themselves while studying can help auditory learners better remember.
  3. Join or start a study group. When an auditory learner can explain ideas to others or hear explanations from others, it aids in comprehending information.
  4. Use words as a memorization technique. The use of mnemonic devices or the creation of songs based on knowledge has proved effective for students within the auditory learning style.
  5. Watch videos about the information being studied. Informational videos on subject matter give more audio facts, as well as examples, to the student.

Best Place to Engage in Study

Often, when students study, the best place to do so in the library. However, the auditory learner is discouraged from going to a library to look, mainly because sound can disturb others. A bedroom or study in the student’s home is a more appropriate place since the student can then playback recordings and speak freely, without disturbing others.

Each learning style can be approached differently. Reading information may only prove to confuse auditory learners’ minds, which is why some of the above approaches may work well for the study process.


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